The "Fact" Crew

The Fact crew ws founded in 2016 by four 16-year-old boys from Buenos Aires, Argentina in a school placed in Longchamps. They're called Julian, Austin, Patrick and John.
But they had a problem: One of them is evil.He wants to kill one of the members of the crew.

  • Julian Onorato
He is a skinny, white and brunet boy. He likes watching TV shows, swimming and music. His favourites TV shows are Doctor Who, JoJo's Bizarre Adventures and Steven Universe.
  • Patrick Penida
He is a brunet boy who plays rugby. He works in "Adonorem Group" making independent films. His favourite directors are Stanley Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppola, Alfred Hitchcock and James Wan.

  • John Pavon
He is a skinny, brunet boy who plays football twice a week.
  • Austin Acuña 
He is a brunette boy play the piano,the guitar and the ukulele. He likes pop music, rock music and classical music. He favourites musican are Freddie Mercury, Mika and Scot BradLee. As well, his favourite composer is Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky.